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Saturday, February 7, 2009

** nEw **

Ai guyz!! Now i'm trying to change to another blog.. Trying to use word press.. My Lecturer had introduce me to diz blog.. So, try to cek it out..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

** unTitled part2 **

Cinta Antara Planet

Ai frenz.. Today I want to share sumting wif u all.. Especially for those who want to get married and oso for those who in luv relationship.. Thanx for Mr Apit bcoz email it 2me.. It give me gud lesson and the answer dat I want.. Thanx again =)
Hope korang pn dpt gud lesson from this article ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

** alWays bE mY baBy **

I really luv diz song.. Enjoy.. =)

by Mariah Carey..

** unTitled **

Aku xtau nk boh title pe kt blog aku kali neh.. Yesterday, I got fon col from my best fren.. She was so sad (dgr sora pn dh tau).. Then she starting tell me y she sad.. Citenye cenggini..

Her bf xgtau psl sumting kt die.. Sumting tu bknnye bsar sgt tpnye die plik bcoz sblm neh xpenah pn her bf xgtau die.. Especially bende2 remeh cm2 (erm remeh ke? maybe).. Then she feels like sumting wrong wif her bf.. Act die dh tau bende tu but die sj jek xtanye bcoz she think her bf will tell 'bout it to her.. Tp die tgu nye tgu, bf die xde ckp pape pn psl tu.. Then, kantoi (cm kantoi bodoh agknye).. Die jd cm curious y her bf cm xnk jek die tau psl tu pdhal bende tu slame neh blh jek gtau.. As if her bf want to hide sumting from her.. Lastly, die dh mls nk pikir, die pn ckp kt bf die; "Now i noe who I am to U.." Then, she starting to think dat she is no one to her bf.. Xde hak pape ats bf die..

For me, (just an opinion) btol gk la pe yg die pikir tu.. Kt xde hak nk ckp pe especially cm kes die tu (wif her bf).. Kt xberhak nak tanye knape, ape dan sbgainye bcoz not everyting dorg kena cite kat kt.. Even it is a small ting.. Kt oso kena pikir gk la pe hak kt b4 kt nk tanye pape or nk amek tau psl sum1 tu.. Sape kt kat sesorg tu yg pling pntg.. For me la, just an opinion.. Dari kes tu gk fren of mine tu feels dat die cam sorg yg thegeh2 kt bf die tu.. Yg tu aku xleh nk ckp pe.. Xtau nk ckp pe.. Bcoz sumtime kt bkn akn rs cmtu kt sum1 yg rpt ngan kt jek (e;g bf/gf) but ngan org len jgk..

This case makes me become more understand 'bout the song If I Were A Boy by Beyonce.. We cannot become each others.. Lagu tu mgkin kena tukar sket become If I Were You.. Even kt sesame pmpn@laki pn kt xkn phm others feelings bcoz we cannot be sum1.. To noe wat act in sum1 heart@mind.. Same as in my fren case.. Xleh nk slhkn sesape.. Bcoz 1st we dun noe wat her bf think.. Maybe he did it bcoz of sumting.. Yg mn kt xtau except klu kt jd die.. Then, klu nk slhkn my fren tu, xleh gk.. Bcoz kt xtau gk pe yg die pikir.. As a conclusion, dua2 must try to understand each other 1st then br wat kesimpulan..

Dats my opinion on dat my fren.. Sumtime u hav 2sacrifice ur feelings 2make peopl e around u hepi.. Even u're not hepi wif dat.. Till then, c ya..

aiSya iRa

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

** me teRtipu!! **

Today aku tertipu.. Huhu.. Cian btol kt aku neh.. Mcm2 masalah menimpa.. Hukhuk.. Sabo jelah.. Sbnrnye cmni citenye:

Arini aku dpt email dr kwn aku.. Email tu ckp kerani diperlukan.. Wat keje kt umh jek blh dpt max 3800.. Ikt kerajinan la.. Tpnye kena byr RM50 dl.. Sbgai pdaftaran.. Then aku ngan penoh bsemangat gtau ayh aku suh bank in kan duit kt org tu.. Aku pikir btol la tu kot.. Ngan keadaan aku skng neh (pantang dgr d keje kosong), aku trus caye and bank in kan duit tu.. huhu..

Then, aku blk2 dpt email agi ckp i must find 100 people.. 100 people tu must reply 'berminat' then br aku blh dpt keje kerani tu.. Ala2 yg bisnes tenet yg kn cari org bwh utk tmbhkn income.. Aku jd cm tsangat benggang bcoz aku igt dorg2 btol2 nk bg keje.. Rupe2nye nk kenacari org la pe la.. Huhu.. So disappointed..

Aku br jek gmbire bl aku dpt email ckp aku diterima.. Tpnye nie yg jd upenye.. Aku bkn nk slhkan sesape.. Tpnye tulah.. Aku rs dipermainkan plak.. Ngan keadaan aku yg cm dh nek gle cari keje neh.. Tibe2 jd cmni.. So sad.. Xtau aku cmne nk ckp.. Aku mix feelings agi.. Geram, sedih, marah.. Sume ade.. Aku xtau aku nk geram and marah kt sape.. Sbb ni salah aku sdiri.. Aku yg tlalu caye.. Tlalu obses ngan keje kosong.. Huhu..

Now I learn sumting from dis incident.. Dun ever trust people easily!!..

aiSya iRa